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2023 Spring

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Instructor: Raymond Fecteau

Thursdays • 4 classes – 5/25-6/15 • 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Class size 2-16 students
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Location: Mill Park Courts
Everyone benefits from participating in a sport or hobby. Pétanque is a sport that will evoke passion, laughter, cheers, focus, skill and tears of joy when players excel and triumph. Pétanque is the most inclusive game in the world you can play. There is no talk of being overweight, short, disabled or old. In the world of Pétanque all these things DON’T MATTER!
In the first session a brief history and the basic rules of the game will be explained. You will learn the proper stance, grip, backswing and release of the boules (balls). In subsequent sessions you will continue to learn how to control your boules, learn to “read” the courts and play two v. two. Pétanque is by its very nature a game of adjustments. Depending on the first shot of the game an adjustment may have to be made for the second shot. Adjustments may also have to be made according to the number of persons that show up. It’s an easy game to learn but as with everything practice makes perfect. At the end of the 4 classes you will be ready to play socially anywhere.
Come join us and have some fun! We cannot be responsible if you become extremely passionate about this game.
This year we have to limit the group to 8 people.
All equipment will be provided. Proper shoes must be worn. No sandals will be allowed.

Raymond Fecteau founded Mill Park Pétanque in 2010 and has promoted the game of Pétanque for the last 12 years.