2022 Spring

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The Religious Experience

Instructor: Frank O'Hara

Thursdays • 8 classes • 3/24-5/12 • 10:15 AM-12:15 PM

Class size 5-15 students
15 seats remaining
Location: Jewett 190

This is an 8-week course that focuses on the experiences shared by many believers – and non-believers — alike.  The experiences to be considered include awe at nature; being “called” to do something; being consoled in the face of suffering and death; performing private and public rituals as ways of remembering and reliving important events; and prayer and meditation.

Participants will be asked to reflect on these kinds of experiences in their own lives, to enter their experiences in a journal, and share their experiences in class discussions.  Each class will also feature presentations, readings, videos, on the topic at hand.

The class is open to and welcomes people of all faith traditions, people who are convinced atheists, and people who aren’t sure what they believe.  This is not about right or wrong, but about reflecting on the human experience.

NOTE: Participants should have a notebook or journal in which to enter class assignments.  Access to a Bible is helpful but not required.

Frank O’Hara is a lifelong Roman Catholic, and is currently a member of St. Michael’s parish in the Augusta area.  He has a Masters in Religion from Yale Divinity School.  Frank lives in Hallowell.  He has been a public policy consultant in Maine for the past 40 years.