2020 Fall


The Robber and the Scalawag

Instructor: Tom Feagin

Tuesday • 10/13/20 • 1:00-2:30 PM

Class size 5-24 students
24 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

My great-grandfather, an Alabama preacher and storekeeper during the Civil War, was not a rebel. After the war, as a Republican, he was postmaster. Another postal worker, General Andrew Spurling of the 2nd Maine Cavalry, won the Medal of Honor the day before he stole 700 pounds of chewing tobacco and 18 barrels of flour from my ancestor. Who would think it?Classroom

Tom Feagin  After a stint in the US Public Health Service, Tom Feagin practiced in Augusta, New Orleans and Memphis, gradually shifting from internal medicine to geriatrics to hospice care. He became progressively more interested in doctor-patient communication and end-of-life decision-making over a period of 33 years, and is proud to have founded the Mid-south Center for Biomedical Ethics. He retired in 2004, moved back to Maine, and is concerned about the future of our health-care system.