2020 Fall



Writers’ Workshop 1

Instructor: Janet Cowperthwaite

Mondays • 8 classes – 9/21-11/9 • 9:00 AM

Class size 4-12 students
0 seats remaining
Location: Zoom


Here is a great opportunity to write down your experiences, your opinions, your life lessons. It is also an opportunity to explore some other forms of writing. You will be encouraged to keep a list of topics that you could be interested in writing about. Each of you will be encouraged to bring in words and meanings that appear in what you hear and read. We will be sharing examples of good writing in our reading. At the end, each will share a piece with the class. I have writers’ workshop kits that I will distribute if possible.  The text is The Elements of Style, Strunk and White, with foreword by Roger Angell, 2000 that is available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon or other bookstore. Classroom

Janet Cowperthwaite has worked with Writers’ Workshop in her second grade class and in a graduate writing class. The workshop that Janet has been using in Senior College has evolved from those experiences, and she feels her job is to be facilitator, encourager, and cheerleader.
Janet graduated from Houlton High School in 1959 and from the University of Maine in 1963 with a degree in English and credits to be certified as an Elementary Teacher. She earned a Master’s in Education also from UMaine in 1992.