2021 Spring



Yo! Dis Classical Music Rocks!

Instructor: Peter Rosenberg

Wednesdays • 8 classes – 3/17-5/5 • 9:00 AM

Class size 10-50 students
31 seats remaining
Location: Zoom

When listening to the olio of music presented on a classical music station, wouldn’t it be more fun to recognize when this work was written, in what style, using what instruments, by which composer? We will learn about the different musical eras, find out when various musical instruments were invented, and discuss the timeline of famous composers, and much more. Listening to classical music can be an intellectual challenge, a detective’s conundrum.

In lieu of tuition, students are asked to purchase the textbook.

The History of Classical Music for Beginners by R. Ryan Endris, October 2104
To order a textbook go to the ISBN Search linkor contact the UMASC office if you need help.Classes


Peter Rosenberg is a retired Otolaryngologist who was educated at Clinton Grade School, Poughkeepsie High School, Princeton University, Tufts Medical School and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He practiced ENT at Fort Bragg, solo in Norwich CT, and at the Togus Veterans Administration Hospital. His wide range of activities include playing piano, golf, tennis, bridge, model boats, stained glass and teaching at UMASC.